Pumped Up Crew - PARTNER (UK)

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As Pumped Up Crew PARTNER volunteer, you will be one of a pool of awesome volunteers who will inspire and encourage people to get into cycling. The aim of this role will be to research and discover local cycling provision in your community, then either signpost people to that provision and/or support them to develop and grow it.

You will be given small tasks to complete such as:

• Research your local cycling provision (eg cycling groups, bike shops, campaign groups and so on)

• Signpost new cyclists to existing groups, projects and campaigns

• Attend local events where possible as a Pumped Up Crew partner

You will also be added to our volunteer platform Assemble where you can view and complete the tasks set. You will also be able to see our latest news and other volunteering opportunities as well as being able to connect with other volunteers.

Covid disclaimer – You are only required to complete tasks that you feel comfortable undertaking. None of your tasks should take you inside a building but, depending on your location, you may need to travel on public transport. You can request appropriate PPE equipment (masks) to undertake your role if you feel you need it!