Regional Coordinator

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Are you passionate about improving local environments to make safer, more welcoming and accessible places for people to cycle? Can you see links and make connections that help people reach goals and further the aims of a network?

As a Regional Coordinator you are an intermediary between Cycling UK's Campaigns Team staff and the network of Local Representatives. You will have ‘light touch’ support from a member of Cycling UK’s Campaigns staff, and through them you have access to the expertise of this team. In turn you will offer ‘light touch’ support to the Local Representatives in your area.

You will be set up on Cycling UK’s volunteer forum, linking with campaigners across the country, sharing insights, contributing to discussions and asking for assistance. You will be part of a national network of Regional Coordinators, giving and receiving peer support.

The amount of time this will take you will depend on the geographical area you cover and the number of Local Representatives you coordinate.